It all started a little over eighteen months ago as I was chatting with a coaching friend of mine. She asked me “How do you know when coaching has worked?”

What a great question. One of those questions where I just had to pause for thought before attempting to answer.

The truth is that I am often unaware of the real impact of my coaching, as clients often achieve their goals some time after the coaching programme has ended. Therefore, I rely on their feedback my own ‘inner-supporter’ – or inner-critic!.

I am always blown away at the awesome potential of our creativity. I have just downloaded your e-book and was so taken by the format and the beauty of the quotes from all the people/coaches that responded to your comments. Thank you for creating this. I would like to share it with our coaches.
– Jackee Holder

My friend’s question left me wondering how other coaches know when their coaching works. Anyone who knows me will recognise that I have spent a lot of time with other coaches over the years and have built up a decent size network, so I turned to them first to find out what they would say.

It soon became clear that this question was far too big to keep contained within my close network. So, I shared it on Twitter and posted it on several LinkedIn forums, hoping to get a response from a few coaches around the world.

Well, it grew like topsy and soon had a life of it’s own, with hundreds of tweets and emails coming in from coaches all willing to give me the benefit of their wisdom.

The response was so immense that I decided to compile a selection of them into an illustrated, downloadable eBook.

Initially, I sent it to out to a few people I knew. They liked it so much that they asked if they could send copies to their friends and colleagues.

Over a thousand downloads later, the question is still very much alive and I have continued to receive insights from those that have been inspired by it, as both my friend and I had been when it all started.

I hope you enjoy it as much as they all have